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conversion therapy heating up in new jersey and now the pressure is on the governor chris christie to choose sides. she is a beauty queen with such a unique story that president obama wanted to meet her in israel. she tells us about that meeting, coming up. i'm wolf blitzer. you're in "the situation room." >> because this program, i atechlted suicide three times. this is nothing more than legalized child abuse. >> it is one of the most controversial forms of treatment in this country, so-called gay conversion therapy based on the premise homosexuality can be reversed. the debate is heating up in the state of new jersey and now the pressure is on the republican star the governor chris christie to take a stand. let's bring in our chief congressional correspondent dana bash who is looking at this story and has the latest details. explain what's going on. >> it really comes down to a question of whether being gay is a choice or not. it also reminds us of the issue of gay marriage which is something that is in front of us politically and how much things have changed just even over the past four a
of the election of president obama. everyone in the country seemed like they voted for him. this was the backdrop. the question is, how does one of let chris christie in a place like new jersey and the bob macdonald and a place like virginia? very different east coast states. one is southern, one is no.. one is blue, the other trending purple. how you do that? it really was the message. the message was getting back to the fundamental idea of liberty, freedom, and opportunity. individual being empowered, not the government. having the wherewithal off to thethat in a way that message was the same, although translated differently. in other words, you speak the language of the people in the community in which you find them. i cannot, for example, go in front of a bunch of state and government employees talk about i want less government. all i said to them is i want to fire you. you talk about an efficient government that is responsive to people. that is a very different conversation. it is taking the message that off its core and translating it to people so they can understand it in their own languag
Search Results 50 to 51 of about 52